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Why GPS?

GPS fleet mapping of vehicle locations
Tracking is not just theft prevention.
It's knowing where, when, and how your fleets are operating as well as:
  • Car location
  • Limited car control
  • Digital property fence
  • Speed alerts
  • Movement notifications
Shipment route tracking on a google maps overlay
  • Region Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Event Management
  • Multi Contract Use
  • Instruction Manual
Customizable individual car tracking on a google maps overlay
Fleet Management Features
  • Real-time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Bread crumbing
  • Vehicle status
  • Grouping and sorting of vehicles
  • Mapping via Google earth
  • Battery voltage
GPS fleet mapping of vehicle locations
Customizable individual car tracking on a google maps overlay

Special Events Management (S.E.M.)

Special events management program menu items
Special Events Features
  • Scheduling pickup and delivery
  • Develop contracts
  • Auto-populate past customers
  • Required fields mean fewer errors
  • History by customer
  • Marketing through history
  • Prevents over booking
  • Imported to contract via tracking
  • Customizable for multiple locations
After realizing that our biggest opportunity for growth in our industry was rental and there was a lot to be gained via efficiency, we saw a need to expand upon both fleet and S.E.M. (special events management). Our company has searched for existing solutions and none were to be found. So, we decided to develop from scratch rental and/or tracking programs to help us manage our own Special Events fleet. We are now able to turn our assets many more times which results a much better bottom line on rental.

These programs may be purchased independently of each other. We have designed the pricing so if you decide to combine, you are getting a discount for S.E.M. We have found that even though they work well independently of each other, the marriage of the two gives your company control that will not only improve your bottom line but give you piece of mind knowing where all your Special Events fleet is and if it is being productive.

...And So Much More!

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GPS Tracking
Pricing per car
201 and up
The above pricing is more inclusive with 36 months of data service. (If you wish to continue service, after the 36 months initial investment, an annual fee of $25.00 per year per car will be charged for data.)
Pricing does not include state or local taxes.
Special Events Management
$4000.00 set up fee
51-100 Trackers
101-200 Trackers
201 and up Trackers
Licensing, hosting and support fee of $1000.00 per year
(Customization will be quoted ona case by case bases)
Pricing does not include state and local taxes.
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